The Mission

Create compelling, family-friendly behind the scenes content.   Expand the world of FERDINAND with new animated shorts featuring the characters and voices from the hit film.  Engage audiences with fun educational content rooted in the world of the film.


The Challenge

Take the film FERDINAND as released in theaters, and augment it for the Home Entertainment Audience with a complete complement of extra content to make it a “must own” release.


The Results

Thinkwell Media engaged with the filmmakers and the voice cast of FERDINAND to explain the exciting creative process of making the film, from design to animation and performance. The team concepted, scripted, and animated six, all-new, expanded narrative shorts that broadened the world of FERDINAND and presented compelling, new narratives to the audience. Compelling tutorials in drawing & animation, dance, gardening, and fashion added a whole new set of activities to engage the audience on repeat viewings.