Liz Heathcoat

Post-Production Coordinator

As the Post-Production Coordinator, Liz greases the wheels of the Thinkwell Media machine, supporting not only the editorial team, but the entirety of the TWM staff. A day in the office for Liz frequently consists of managing the comings and goings of assets and deliverables but can range from recruiting a small army of digital designers to honing her editing skills on Adobe Premiere. No matter the task, administrative or creative, Liz brings her strong and determined work ethic, ensuring the quality and accuracy for which Thinkwell strives. While Liz is a gifted Post-Production Coordinator, she may be best known for her work as a first-rate voiceover artist, having lent her talents to Old Navy, Teledoc, Helluva Good!, and a variety of Thinkwell projects. Prior to her role in post-production, Liz worked in live production as a costume technician and choreographer for LA theater. Before joining the Thinkwell Media team, Liz had previously been a part of the Thinkwell family, running Thinkwell Group’s travel program, where she successfully orchestrated employee travel all around the world. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures with her spouse, Jesse, watching sci-fi and fantasy shows, and cuddling her two cats, Drogon and River Song.