Universal Studios, ‘How To Draw: Minions, The Rise of Gru’


Have a lead animator from the Minions newest film, ‘Rise of Gru’, show us step by step how to draw and animate these loveable characters using a tablet to create motion. The bonus material is accessible for at home entertainment.


This wasn’t just a drawing lesson – we bumped up the challenge to create animations similar to a flip book but in a digital format. In order to make this fun exercise achievable, we used table top down angles and projected the ‘live drawings’ behind the artist, onto a clean white infinite backdrop, so it was easy to follow along and stay engaged during the process. All of this was achieved by using a green screen, 2.5D animation, and groovy 1970’s music, just like we hear in the film.


Simple visual ideas are often born from complicated strategies. The Thinkwell Media team’s animated tutorial creations are designed to be achievable and fun for just about every age. This super fun addition to Universal’s 2022’s summer hit film, included start to finish work from concepting, scripting, filming, and animation. The best part is that these tutorials are designed to be played over and over again so viewers can create different characters, sharpen their new animation skills, and get a little closer to the genius animators behind one of America’s most beloved brands.


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