Potion For Stop-Motion

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Running The Table

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Who Killed The World - Citadel

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Sing & Dance: Faith

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Pegasus World Cup

13th Jockey, Episode 1

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Armory of the Vikings

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SmartStyle Hair Salons

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Boss Baby

Be A Boss, Not A Baby

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Thinkwell Media
Who are we?

On the outside, we’re a full service creative production agency that specializes in visual storytelling and cutting edge immersive media experiences.

But on the inside, we’re a band of ferocious ninjas: agile, multi-disciplinary, and unstoppable in our pursuit of making goose-bump inducing work — whether it’s for a mobile screen, massive screen, or multi-screen; inside a headset, at a theme park, or part of a museum exhibit; or an integrated element of a live experience.

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Our Work
Our Work

Thinkwell Media is a new part of Thinkwell Group — the global design and production agency that creates custom, content-driven experiences for companies and brands in the physical world.

We work with studios to produce original and behind the scenes marketing content for their most successful movies and TV shows. We also create custom media for Thinkwell’s location-based entertainment, educational, and brand experience projects — from theme parks and museums to family entertainment centers and brand activations. Beyond that, our repertoire includes producing commercials for international style and service brands, creating buzz-inducing marketing for video game creators, and developing branded celebrity-driven content.

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