World Expo Dubai 2020: The U.S. Pavilion


Produce a show about American innovation that ties multiple media exhibit narratives together, echoing their messages in an unprecedented way, building an experience that touches on the biggest and boldest of ideas and presents the very cutting edge of what is possible but, at its core, is very human.


Create 6 unique exhibits with various types of media including projection mapping on a replica of the torch of the Statue of Liberty, a massive star wall, a room full of rotating pillars of media as well as a massive moving sphere that transforms into the Earth, the Moon and even Mars! Visitors view all the exhibits on a moving walkway that carries them through an odyssey of stories about American invention through the ages.


In collaboration with the U.S. Department of State, Thinkwell Media developed the stories, filmed with innovative companies and individuals around the world as well as utilizing bleeding edge technology to produce an elegant, emotional and dynamic experience for all visitors of the U.S. Pavilion.


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